Custom Motorcycle Pannier / Carrier Rack

There are so many rack and carrier options and manufacturers on the market for most modern motorcycles its a bit of a  minefield. When it comes to older and less mainline bikes there seems to be less of an option.

With that in mind I have had a customer that wanted a bespoke rack for touring purposes. He had previously had a bit of a lash up and had made a clamped on section of an old rack with a new piece to sit and lock on a top box. This worked but was held together with bits of cut mild steel flat bar and hex head bolts. It did the job!

2014-11-09 09.20.02

Original Rack above

He wanted a better design and improved looking rack to fit in with his newly refurbished motorcycle so I took his home engineered item and grafted the 2 racks together removing the old clutter that was unwanted.

To do this and ensure the rack stayed square and level on its original mounting points several bracing bars were required to  be tacked on to support and hold the rack parts in position whilst the old unwanted parts were cut away and new supporting bars added in the relevant places.

original rack Braced up ready for cutting out unwanted parts and adding new support tube frame and blending in work. ready for dipping and re-chroming.

2014-11-09 10.28.15

Image showing rack with removed section laying in the back ground.

Once the old was removed there was lots of sanding and blending to ensure that the existing tubes were smooth and free from old weld, dimples and lumps, all of which would show up even more once chromed. Once this was complete I could concentrate on shaping, welding and blending in new material to support the top of the rack.

Bottom support tubes were bent from 16mm diameter 1.5mm wall seamless tube. The ends were then scalloped to fit the original tubes, positioned, tacked and welded.

richard rack 1 richards rack 2 richards rack 3 richards rack 4

Once complete the welds were blended in and “breather” holes were drilled at strategic points for the chroming process to be undertaken. Its important to remember that the material needs to be as smooth as possible to achieve a quality finish when chroming. Any little mark or pimple can potentially show up and lead to a poor quality finish.

Choose your chroming company with care and ask all the right questions. I will post another blog about this subject.

We look forward to keeping you up to date.

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