Seat Aftermarket Intercooler Repair

Alloy Intercooler Repair

This is what happens when you mount an oversize intercooler, and then drop the car on the floor as low as possible; speed humps and rough local roads all add to the damage.

Many things can affect the performance of your car – a holed, leaking intercooler can play havoc with boost levels and drastically reduce overall power. So not an ideal scenario. The key to modifying cars (and bikes) is if you are going to, is to make the changes safely and well engineered. If this intercooler had managed to pick up dust and or stones when scrapping the tarmac this could have led to a catastrophic failure of the engine. Luckily this wasn’t the case this time.

Looking at the above Intercooler repair you can see that the bottom corners had been worn through and needed cleaning and repairing, I used the alloy chequer plate corner patch plates to give a bit more thickness and strength to the bottom corners.

My customer used the slots in the mounting brackets to lift the intercooler about 10mm higher to try and reduce the chance of further damage. My advice was if there was still a problem with it bottoming out in future, modifications to the end cans could be made to shorten the overall height by some 20mm, this would have been ideal but would have taken a little more work.

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