Brake and Clutch Fluid Tank, Polished Stainless

Brake and Clutch Fluid Tank, Polished Stainless

I started this small project with a letter and some fittings from my customer. He had seen my previous work on our website and wanted an integrated fluid tank for brake system and hydraulic clutch system. It was to be bulkhead mounted with 3 off 4an fittings, lower to be brake system, upper to be clutch system.

It had to be mirror stainless steel as it was being fitted to a top end Dax Cobra Replica.

I pride myself on completing 1 off custom made parts such as this and to ensure that everything is millimeter perfect I used solid works 3 d  modeling package to draw up the item and produce a dxf (drawing exchange file) to send to our laser cutting system.

The material itself is 304 BA (bright annealed) stainless steel in 1.5mm thick. Bright annealed is a chemical etch finish on the surface of the stainless which is almost like a dull polish. This eliminates some of the time involved in bringing the parts up to a “mirror” finish prior to assembly and welding.

Please see below photos of parts and assembly process

20140215_105522 20140215_111806 20140215_111949 20140215_113027 20140215_113034 20140215_122644 20140215_165549

Tomorrow I will Post up pictures and details of the finishing processes I use to ensure the whole tank is mirror polished and pressure tested for leaks.

We look forward to keeping you up to date.

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