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Why use a Fuel Swirl Pot?

As written by Ian Fowler – FLASH CUSTOMS

swirl pot is used in between the fuel tank and the injectors, utilising a high and low pressure fuel pump. The idea behind a swirl pot is that this will reduce the chance of fuel starvation during hard cornering when there may be a possibility of the fuel pump sucking air from the main tank.
Most swirl pots have 4 connections – in, out, return to tank and breather. The fuel enters the swirl pot at a tangent to the side of the pot creating a ‘swirl’ effect, this helps remove any air bubbles which can be bled out through the breather stub on the top of the tank.
Swirl pots are generally used on track day and serious motor sport vehicles running an injection system. Cars running on carburettors generally have a large enough fuel pot under the carb, regulated by the float assembly and shut off valve to not require a swirl pot.
Picture shows a custom made polished aluminium swirl pot manufactured by ourselves – Flash Customs  for a customers drift car.
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Why use an aluminium fuel tank?

Aluminium fuel tanks tend to be much lighter and more durable than mild steel.

An Aluminium fuel tank will not suffer from internal corrosion as mild steel tanks do. This usually happens due to a small amount of water condensation in a mild steel tank that inevitably corrodes the insides of the tank and ends up with flakes of rust blocking fuel pipes and filters alike.

Hence if you are looking for a new fuel tank for your race / road, drift, kit or off road car or vehicle consider the benefits of an aluminium custom made tank as a replacement. Please see some of our custom made replacement tanks that we have manufactured for previous customers. Click here

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What is T6 ALLOY?

T6 Aluminium Alloy – also refered to as 6061 grade is used in industry in many areas.

Some common uses are – Bicycle frames, aircraft parts, race car parts and motorcycle parts.

T6 alloy has a good weight to strength ratio, mechanical properties, tensile and yield strength which makes it useable for high specification cnc (computer numerical control) machining and welding.

T6 is ideal for custom parts manufacture such as race car hubs and mountings as the aluminium grade is easily weldable using TIG (tungsten inert gas) or MIG (metal inert gas) welding processes. If welding takes place further heat treatment can be used to restore the temper back to T6 or T4 Grade.

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